Who I Am

When I see you as I see you
will you help me understand
will you show me get to know me
will you let me hold your hand

Will you kiss me, will you miss me
will you take me in your arms
hold me closer hold me baby
let me show you who I am

When the sunlight meets the darkness
watch it chase the shadows on
how it seems to scare the starlight
as it brings the dusk to dawn

How I wish that you and I
could stop the sun and stop the time
then forever in the darkness
you could hold me and be mine

How I love you, how I need you
how I want you, how I care
Hold me gently, hold me dearly
hold me anyway you can
but tonight and now forever
let me show you who I am.

by Charles M Moore

Comments (3)

That's right - that's what it's all about. Love this lots. (Wish I wrote it.)
So loving so tender, it held my heart. Patricia
Great, tender, passionate poem - some guys just know what it's all about - rare breed. Loved this one! Linda