Who Is Free?

Poem By Karen Wyatt

Went to the big city zoo
All of them in cages, behind bars, locked up
Protects us no doubt from these free spirited creatures.
Eye met eye for me and the Okapi
Love at first sight? How silly!
As he walked to his fence I took a chance
I climbed over the barrier to his fence.
I’m free, he is not. How sad.
We stayed there, me petting and stroking,
Him licking my arms for the salt.
Thank you God!
Went camping alone, low spirit, lonesome, sad
A tiny grey warbler lands on the table
Eye met eye and I took a chance
I offered him food and he ate, perched on my hand
Then he was gone, this wild and free bird
He is free and that is beautiful.
My low spirit and sadness are gone
Thank you God!
Went to a campout
Eye met eye between me and the wild, free man
Love at first sight? How silly for me to cry!
He is stunning and exciting-why?
I search my soul for the answers
He is beautiful, but who cares about the outside?
I see beauty inside, he is free of all
Those cages, bars and locks that choke me by the neck.
How foolish and selfish, how stupid
To think these possessions are good!
My locked cage, my prison-like life
Close in on me, Ugly Monster let go!
I want to climb over the barrier
And reach out, I want a taste, I want it all
Please give me a breath of free air
Thank you God, Thank you God!

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