Dreams Do Come True

So many times I’ve wondered what I’d end up to be
A movie star, a doctor, famous person in history
I traveled life along many roads
Waiting impatiently for my destiny to unfold.

I was betrayed from beginning to end,
By so many I met, my closest friends
During my travels I lived on the go
Sometimes not knowing what my future would hold.

But I stayed strong knowing not where I’d be,
I stayed on point, depending solely on me,
I trusted that God would get me here,
I knew he wouldn’t leave me, I had no fear.

So I hung in there, now what can I tell,
My life has sometimes been a living hell.
But I will win and I know that in the end,
‘Because winners never quit and quitters never win.

I dreamed big dreams and they did come true
When you believe in them, they always do.
And never stop knowing that the power is in you,
To achieve all things that you want to do.

Believe in your dreams, dream as big as you can
And don’t be stopped by any boy girl woman or man.
Don’t ever give up always be sure
You will persevere if you just endure.

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by Annaya The Poet

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