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Who Is God?
(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

Who Is God?

How can life come from mere a puff of air?
There must be life from which more lives emerge;
How can the Universe from dust evolve?
A ball of matter must be made by one!

How can the soil give birth to seedlings new?
Wet seeds must fall into the earth and sun;
How can a bud blossom into a flow’r?
The dawn heralds the magic wand of change!

God loves all men much more than animals;
He feeds the birds and tends to flow’rs in wild;
He gave a soul to every man, not beast;
A sinner too can take part in his Feast!

No man becomes a God at any time;
Yet, men are instruments in divine Hand;
Let’s acknowledge the supreme power- God,
The mystic Being, Alpha-Omega!

The God of mercy, truth and boundless love,
Loves righteousness and souls that love His code;
He watches every life from home above;
All pure of soul can enter His abode!

All things in Nature can’t come by their selves;
A supernatural mind and hand creates;
The Maker of all things- we call as God;
‘The King of Heavens: Lord of Universe! ’

Copyright by Dr John Celes 1-22-2005

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Dear Poetry Hound Sir, God created every living creature and man too (in His semblance, with a soul) . If there is no reward or punishment even after death, why should some gloat in their ill-found wealth and sins while other DIE daily in poverty and sickness and torment from the hands of more powerful men? God will punish those who do not live a useful life on earth according to his abilities and circumstances. regards, Dr John Celes
You ask the age-old questions in your first two stanzas. Anyone who ponders the origins or meaning of life has to wonder about the existence of an underlying order or intelligence. But that's different from believing there's someone who's going to punish you after you're dead. That's where you typically lose me, John.