Who Is Going To Get The Credit For It

Volunteering one's time in some communities,
Has led to the experience or receiving indignities...
By some.

In areas where egos are high in number.
And years are clocked for doing the slightest thing.
Volunteering one's time in some communities,
Where neglect has been obviously done...
By those peacocking nonstop providing lip service.
Can be detrimental to one's generosity of spirit.

Volunteering one's time in these atmospheres,
Can pose a threat,
To those who are accustomed to complaining.
They will state their issues have been overlooked.
And what is it really wished personally by someone donating time.
Since they have had the time themselves
And nothing seems to have gotten done.

These comments are unbelievably 'consciously' stated.

'Perhaps those who volunteer can assist in correcting this? '

~And who is going to get the credit for it?
We want to know this! That's our main priority.
Why should they get the credit for something we can do? ~

'Uh...yeah. There is a problem.
Solving it may take more than what a volunteer can offer.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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