Who Is He?

Who is he?
They ask me you look different,
Who is he?
I answered:
he is the sun of my day
The moon of my night
The star of my way
The light of my road
Hmm he?
The rose of my life
The sky of my world
The ocean of my planet
The tree of garden
They ask me where is he?
I answered:
look to my eyes you will see him
look at my smile you will find him
touch my hand you will feel him
he is on me…..

by hanna alaoui

Comments (4)

Beautiful flow of poetry and greatly organized... The he there is ambiguous... Thanks for sharing my dear, but tell me please: who's he?
I love the rhythm. Nice piece. Please read my poem 'The Empress Of My Heart'
Lovely piece of poetry, well articulated and insightfully penned with conviction. A nice poem indeed. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
A beautiful poem, Hanna. Thanks for sharing