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Who Is Kanye West

Who is this Kanye West
A mentally ill performer I think at the very best,
An artist in my eyes and ears he is not
Arrogance, is all that I think he's ever been taught.
He truly thinks that he is great
His self-destruction though is his very own fate,
He wants to be the one always in the limelight
Well, to him I will then say,"Goodnight".
His mouth is like a running spigot
He spouts out more lies than a politician and a bigot,
His thoughts and beliefs are a contradiction
In a library, he'd be classified as pure fiction.
He thinks that now he is the greatest
He once shouted because of his color they hate us,
Then he looked into the eyes of atrue deceiver
He then put on a MAGA hat, and became a believer.
Kanye is not a spokesman or the people's debater
He is just another big mouth lying traitor,
Now I don't want to start a qualm
But, maybe he should change his name to Tom.
His music, his belief is now in the trash
His LP'S and CD'S I did happily bash,
Now he belongs with the old jocks in a schoolyard
He is nothing more than a blowhard.
He reminds me of a old feral cat
That once sat down upon my doormat,
Then one day at me it hissed
I had it neutered, because I was pissed.
He has no true musical talent at all
From what I have read and heard and do recall,
So, who is Kanye West
In my opinion, he is just a glorified pest.

Randy L. McClave

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He is indeed mentally ill, and in my opinion, a hack musician. Yet he is no less adored than our mentally ill, hack, celebrity president.