MA (March 27,1951 / India)

$who Is Making So Much Noise...

Please be quiet…
Why is there so much noise?
Don’t raise your voice.

Please I want peace…
Will you please pay heed?
Desperately some quiet I need.

Please listen to my plea…
I don’t want to blow my fuse
No one will be amused.

Please I want some rest…
Go else where and leave me alone,
Promise, I won’t feel forlorn.

Well, well, I surrender…
I said with a shrug,
Hand me ear plugs.

Hey, are you having a nightmare?
Didn’t you say your prayers?

I opened my eyes
And sheepishly realised,

How could I blame others for my state?
I muttered to myself lying prostrate.

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a frustating noice...the voice of the subconcious mind...another frightening dream with in a happy dream, the life...10
I fully sympathise, This noise pollution gets me too! Below my study room the old ladies are performing kirtan right now! Perhaps for my salvation, which I have yet to realise! - Raj Nandy
a nice poem. shows the importance of Prayers. well done.
ha! ha! good one..............
Internalising our fears and concerns can bring much unrest & angst into our most quiet moments...such as bedtime....thus, we dream...surereal, and we attempt to work out our conscious concerns before daybreak....And that rarely happens...However, sometimes that unrest (as you so accurately described, in this fine piece of work) is enough to make us take a hard look at what we can do differenly, that will result in our minds achieving silent peace, 'fore we lay our minds down for the night.As always, Solid Penning, Mamta! F j R ````````
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