Who Is Or Is Not A Loser

Who is or is not a loser why do you ask me
We all become losers eventually
The animal, insect or bird no different to you or I
We like them are mortals and were born to die.

Does it matter if you are one destined for fame
Or if few very few even know you by name
The egalatarian reaper brings an end to us all
With each sweep of his scythe a tall poppy does fall.

If so is life quite pointless that's not for me to say
Since we all look at life in a different way
We all look at things one might say differently
Our eyes only tell us what they want us to see.

On who is or is not a loser I am not one who know
But if in you compassion is your's for to show
For others and you live as honest and kind
Then one of life's winners in you one does find.

by Francis Duggan

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