Who Is Or Is Not A Poet

Who is or is not a Poet why ask me since I would not even know
Some say that poets are born not made and though this may well be so
Many have their own opinions on who should be of literary note
But most who do pen poetry refer to themselves as Poet.

And since so few are successful in the great Wordsmith Trade
Perhaps 'tis the literary critics decide who make the grade
Poetry has undergone great change since the death of rhyme
And they are a different breed of poet the poets of our time.

When we look in the mirror we are what we think we see
And if you believe you are a poet then a poet you must be
And though others they may try hard to undermine your sense of self esteem
You are what you believe you are to me that's how 'twould seem.

Since my knowledge is limited on things literary
On who should or should not be referred to as a poet ask one other than me
But if you believe you are a poet then a poet you must be
We are what we think we are would you not agree?

by Francis Duggan

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