Who Is She

did you go for her
or did she come for you
did you tell her you love her, too
Is she tall or, is she short
light skin or my color-complexion
Is she good in math like you, or
dimpsy like me
who is she?
does her name start with a 't'
does it rhyme with my name
or yours
does she touch you the way I did
does she listen to what you have to say, like i did
who is she?
did you think I was blind or deaf, not
to see and hear what was going
all the rumours
you changing up all of a sudden
tried to make me look like a fool
but not this one
maybe the other one
or, the one before me
but not this one
babe, tell me, did we not have a connection
did you not feel you could trust
and understand
that i would understand
so, what made you wanna stoop
down so low to me enough to lie
I've lost all respect for you
so you might as well tell me
starting off with
who she is?

by Tyeisha SELBAJ

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