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Who Is That Syama Woman
(1718 - 1775 / Halisahar / India)

Who Is That Syama Woman

Who is that Syama woman
standing on Bhava?
All Her modesty gone,
She plays with Him
overturning sexual custom
by being on top.
Choked up,
waves of bliss sweeping over Her,
She hangs Her head and smiles --
Love incarnate!
The Yamuna, the heavenly Ganges, and between them
the honorable Sarasvati --
bathing at their confluence
confers great merit.
Here the new moon devours the blue moon,
like wind extinguishing fire.

Poet Ramprasad says,
Brahman is merely the radiance of Brahmamayi.
Stare at Her
and all your sins and pains
will vanish.

[Translated by Rachel Fell McDermott]

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