KA (18th march 1978 / leicester)

Who Is The Earth?

Who is the Earth, now who is she?
We live off her and drink her tea…
Pollute the sea, and poison our fish,
Which later one day, could be in your dish,

Let them invade, and let them build bricks,
And line them up like square cubed sticks,
Let them build roads, let them drive cars,
They still haven’t learnt, from their kids scars,

Druids and witches were burnt,
All ‘cos of what they had learnt,
Modern technology isn’t it great?
Can’t you see? That we are the bait?

We admire the planes, that fly us so high,
Polluting the clouds, that float in the sky,
Until it comes down, and we begin to die,
That is when we’ll begin our communal cry.

by kalke anawkam

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