Who Kicked You Out?

For what reason...
Would I 'now' need you?
You no longer connect,
With any emotion I attempted to share.
And you had none there.
None I was aware of in my life.

Financially you spent no expense.
And I sleep peacefully at night.
Not worryng how I'll pay my bills or rent.
Without a cent or a hint of it from you.

You abandoned me!
For what reason would I now need you?

With you out of the picture,
Not a moment do I spend...
Wishing for something or someone,
I do not have.

I am happy and blessed.
And for that I am glad.

And you appear here unannounced to say,
My need for you...
Has been on 'your' mind all day?

You didn't say that weeks ago.
When you chose to play the field.
And said to me you wouldn't see me anymore.

For what reason,
Would I now need you?
And who wisened up,
To figure you out?
Who kick you out of their house?

This I do know...
Blood suckers, leeches and snakes,
Know nothing about love.
And I thank you for teaching me that!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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