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Who Know's

Poem By Paul Barratt

I awoke from a nightmare, an illusion of a dream.
Clutching, grasping for reality it seemed.
Was it real, was it really true?
Controlling the masses, chosen by a few.
Directed by the thoughts implanted out of the blue.
Do you dare to challenge?
Do you dare to fight?
Are you really happy or do you give a shite?
Minuscule as it all seems.
Divided by uncertainty inside.
Because of suppression of authority we are denied.
Blindly they decide.
It protects us you see!
From anarchy of lunacy from the truths behold.
For we are the ones not to be told.
That the truth is out there.
Hiding around the corner.
Can you really see?
How should I know, I am only me.

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