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Who Knows?

Who knows if we’re right for each other?
Who’s to say we’ll be together in a year?
Somehow, it doesn’t matter,
It’s so unimportant.
I’m here for you now,
We’re friends for this moment;
Hear my words,
Listen closely while you’re with me:
Look into my eyes,
See that I care,
Not to hold you,
Not to have you,
That lasts only a passing second.
I care for what lasts forever and a day:
Choose carefully who will have you,
Look on every inch of him you think you love.
Don’t settle for second best,
Never say you’ll compromise,
Don’t let no one bring you down hard,
Let no one make you cry tomorrow.
Look beyond emotions,
Look into the hearts
Of men who say they love you,
Of your own deceitful flesh.
Know who you are,
Know who they are
Choose wisely, precious girl.
Ask me who knew you well once,
May I still be there to guide you,
If not unto myself,
To him who loves you more.
And turn not away from him who is forever,
Trust him to tell you all you need to know,
Let him be your firm rock to stand on,
Trust no one else but him for all your days.

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