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Who Knows 2morrow

Who Knows 2morrow

Who knows 2morrow?
The Lord is my Shepherd
4 He made 2morrow
He knows every 2morrow
2day is over 4 we don’t know 2morrow
What do u understand by 2morrow?
2morrow has no name
2morrow sound like 2morrow

2morrow knows it’s self alone
We complain of 2day
We don’t know 2morrow
2morrow always takes care of it’s self
2morrow keep on repeating its self
2morrow become 2day
2morrow become 2morrow

We are the 2morrow
2day as passed, how do we think 4 2morrow?
What do we say about 2morrow?
What do we do about 2morrow?
Have u upset a 2day
Not knowing 2day was 2morrow
Coming up another 2morrow
2morrow never finish….. Remember!

How r wish someone’s name is tomorrow!

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