On This September 21

On this September 21 comets will not be seen in the sky
Nor will there be any extra flare up in the Sun
And the day will surely pass off as usual
After making me again older
By a season of time
It`s my birthday
Sept 21.
Sept 21
I`ll be greeted
By kith and kin alike
And by my pals and students.
By the time the weaker sun sets in the black sky
I`ll begin to recollect the joys of a past gone for ever
And shall look into the sky to have a glimpse of 'my' Moon in rise.

PS: I am 'sorry' if I sound like wishing for your greetings on the day.

by M.D Dinesh Nair

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wow, great poem. This is just what I was looking for, to use in a project. This is a great example of how the rwandan genocide effected some people more than others. Great work, thanks for sharing -Nick Oldberg