Who Needs Sleep

As I lie here in bed, just tossing and turning
I think of that smile and get that tough yearning
I tell myself that its night time again
But when I try to sleep I still see your grin

My mind should be resting, instead it just churns
As I try to sleep my body just turns
I try to get you out of my head
But without you here its such a big bed
Night time is for sleeping
I know that its true

But when I close my eyes, my minds about you
As I finely forget you and my eyes start to close
I picture those freckles surrounding that nose
As I move my mind over, and finally I’m right
It shows up again, that fresh bright daylight

One more day, and now its all good
Ill lie in my bed, and sleep as I should
I tell myself that its night time again
All of a sudden, that sweet little grin
So much for sleep, I just cant win!


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This is a sweet poem. The price we pay for love lol