Who Really Cares? Does Anything Matter?

Do people still exist who want to Change the World?

Is the Messiah coming?

I saw her yesterday, but I bet I shouldn't tell anybody.

What if a Christed soul has a baby?

Would that baby come to save the world?

Would it matter if it was a girl or boy?

Would they be all about media and social media?

I believe so.
Isn't that more efficient
than walking around with sandals
and no worldwide platform?

What would the Messiah teach in 2030?

What if she just hugs and tells people
not to sweat stuff.

'just roll with it'
'smoke tobacco if that floats your boat'
'eat more french fries'
'YOU are perfect'
'don't fall for changing for others'
'just do YOU'
'burp daily'
'leave the fucking animals alone! ! ! ! '
'thou might reconsider
hacking animals to death
ripping their flesh apart
burning it
and eating it'
(What? ? ? ? did the devil come here
and establish that tradition?)

'spit more often'
'write poetry'
'rebel when you are stuck'
'pee outdoors at least once a month'
'keep love grand'
'help your beloved to live their bliss'
' figure out what unconditional love is'
' just be perfect more or less'
'you can't make errors'
'know you are fine'
'fear no judgment, there is none'
'Go big, or not'
'Do what the heck you want'
' help others'
'yell the same way you like to get yelled at'
'be free'
'be nice, that's the big one'
'no 'shoulds' allowed'
'kiss more'
'control the way you like to be controlled'
'eat peas'
'alcohol is fuel, not a soft drink'
'one corn dog a year'
' you know, like love unconditionally'
'don't make rules and blame me'

by Chuy Amante

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