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Who Really Wishes Upon A Star
AR (05/01/1982 / )

Who Really Wishes Upon A Star

Poem By Andrew Rose

I looked for all those shooting stars,
They were supposed to be out you see,
Ready and waiting,
To be viewed by all,
For you but not for me.
(I looked forever upwards
And never did see one) .

If I’d have seen one
What would I have done?
I’d have made a wish-
and quickly too,
Before I lost my chance.
Through sight it would effortlessly pass,
While it speeds across the sky,
And I’d hope the essence of my dream
Would also (somehow) rise and fly.
(I knew what my wish would be
Long before I viewed the sky,
For thoughts of you are constantly
At the forefront of my mind) .

But wait…
A piece of rock,
(I’m not naïve) ,
It’s a piece of rock!
(I just dream a lot for someone so mature) .
That’s why it feels a little strange
To be waiting for a star.
That’s just like me
To place my dreams on a fast piece of rock.
(That must be a fault of mine) .
It’s no doubt burning up,
And it’s light will not last long.
(Owing that light is what you perceive only) .

What would I do,
If it ever appeared for me at all?
A brief birth within the night
Like a fleeting cameo.
I’d make a wish-
and quickly too,
Not for me for you.

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A very nice poem. Enjoy reading it