Who's Endurance Test Is This

No one living who has earned to be in their right mind,
Accepts with belief...
They had been born to be dispense at their own expense,
By another who has druthers to use them.
And disregards the act of it as insignificant.

If someone chooses to be knowingly mentally abused...
What point do they make in the wasting of time complaining?
Who's endurance test is this?
The one pretending to listen and comprehend with patience?
The one who hears but has clearly chosen to run away.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Or the one who tries the best he can and still fails to understand? We sometimes overlook possibilities too easily. Stereo typing ones personalities. As if grouping them in all the same category will make them more insignificant. Instead of making exceptions and accepting that not everyone is at your level. Some people have the right complain. They use their voice the best way they know how. Not making excuses for themselves and acting all proud. Every set back disheartening as first. A well developed verse. But it still sounds so rehearsed. Reaching for perfection till the day we die. Putting the dull knife in the fire to give it a better edge. With a hammer and some pliers this is how we survive. I definitely liked your poem, thanks for sharing it.