Who's Fault Is That?

Give me a second to digest this.
You have stated...
That the person who had offended 'you',
YOU defamed and character assassinated.
Pretended to befriend with intention to use,
For your own purpose to deceive others...
To entertain and have them all amused,
As you sat back defending a false innocence.

To today say that the one who offends you,
Refused to make a comment or publicly argue.
With a proving you've been picked upon and it done,
As evidence to witness by everyone.
And people now have found you to be the one,
Functionally delusional and seriously mentally confused.
But yet you still accuse the one you have abused?
Does that sound like one abundant with common sense?

'You have not given me time to be convincing.'

Nor am I like the others...
Who gave you that time to regret with it found to find,
Themselves recruited to be fooled and used by you.
And there is nothing they can do,
To erase 'their' stupidity from the mind of the one...
You and they accused with it harmfully done.

'I have never had this problem before.'

Problems ignored never go away.
In your case,
You and truth have never come face to face.

'And who's fault is that? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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