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Who's In

Some of us lost before
the game was even over
like my buddy who took a spill
on his motorcycle in August
and snapped his neck
on a curb off Halsted Street
or my close high school friend
that grew apart with years
before the night when the
Cubs won the division and
his wife decided to
plunged a kitchen knife
into his heart for dramatic effect
then there was Billie
who lived in a tree house
one hot Chicago summer
before he had enough and walked over
to the Ike expressway and leaped
into the path of a speeding semi-truck
didn’t have a chance to survive
a bad decision like the neighborhood whore
who at the age of 26 felt it was easier
to place a.357 magnum
in her mouth and pull the trigger
or my grade school acquaintance
who choked on his food because he yelled
at his mother why she served him some more
some of us lost before the game was over
Now let me ask you, are you still in?

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