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Who's To Say?
TJM (January 1948 / San Francisco, CA)

Who's To Say?

Poem By Tom J. Mariani

Read in the paper today
That it's genetic
If either of your parents
Suffered from
Depression and/or addiction

You are also likely

It's not always only the enviironmnet
Can no longer blame it on just that
It's in the blood
As they used to say

Actually it's in the brain
Messages misfiring
Saratonen levels
Out of balance

They think

They don't know
They're trying to be
More currently and
Scientifically correct

But what does science know
Nothing except what a bunch
Of people sitting around
In white lab coats say

They probably had parents
Depressed and addicted too

footnote: William Styron 'Darkness Visible A Memoir of Madness
'I shall never learn what 'caused' my depression, as no one will ever learn about their own. To be able to do so will likely forever prove to be an impossibility, so complex are the intermingled factors of abnormal chemistry, behavior and geneitcs.'

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It's in the blood As they used to say it is still in the blood, all our misery, the only thing in our body that is equally the same color red..beyond caste color or creed....yes we bleed /..