Who's Who

I used to think nurses
Were women,
I used to think police
Were men,

by Benjamin Zephaniah Click to read full poem

Comments about Who's Who

Tom Allport 07 Sep 2018 04:00
A join the club poem of knowing your place in something truly inspiring? ........well penned Benjamiin
Rajnish Manga 07 Sep 2018 03:44
We can develop prejudices about anything but with a closer and unbiased scrutiny, they will soon disappear. Thank you so much for sharing.
Sylvia Frances Chan 07 Sep 2018 01:56
An Amazing poem about poets. So true is this brevity! Congratulations on being chosen as Modern Poem Of The Day, you so well deserve. Such a true cutest poem and crystal clear. I have read time and again and I have enjoyed very much, Benjamin. A myriad of 10´s for the vote and rating. GBU and your family in Abundance.Amen.
Ruth Walters 28 May 2018 08:50
very clever, short and sweet
Lilly p 02 Dec 2017 05:25
So funny 😋
Diana Van Den Berg 13 Nov 2015 03:52
Giggliciously succinct! Disarmingly and delightfully deep! Again a perfect blend! Love it!
Maria Gonzalez 04 Aug 2015 01:05
Hilarious this one! ! ! I quite enjoyed it.
Nancy Oyula 23 Jul 2014 02:48
Brief but carries a lot of weight.
Jetty J Newnham 16 Nov 2012 06:03
Good stuff it reminds me of Spike Milligan & Roald Dahl. I grew up reading Spike my daughters read Dahl & now I will encourage my grandchildren to read Benjamin! All power to your writing hand & we can look to a future where your writing hand is more powerful than your fighting hand
Preeti - is here! 27 Jun 2006 01:55
Short & Crisp! Preets
Dj Mandeville 21 May 2006 10:14
He has cool short poems
Jena Herbert 18 Apr 2005 11:06
I love this poem! It is short and sweet. I saw Benjamin Zephaniah and I am a big fan! He has great humour.