MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Who Sees The Light

Thank You God for the love of Christ
Your risen Son on high
The Precious Lamb You sacrificed
For such a wretch as I

In book, on wall, a worship song
But who in church can see
Who knows therein what’s right and wrong
Who truthful bend their knee

With hands aloft we cry as one
We come as Jesus bride
But who seeks guidance from You Son
Who has Your Lamp inside

Who has ears Your word to hear
Who have heard Your voice
Who have learned Your name to fear
And made Your Way their choice

Who hears The Truth and makes it theirs
Who sees The Light divine
Who gives to Jesus all their cares
Who drinks His brand new wine

Who’s ate the flesh of Heaven's Lamb
Who’s drank His precious blood
Who trust Your Son in scrape and jam
Who lives the way they should

Who wear in church a righteous smile
Who cares for flock and wheat
Who’ll walk by grace the extra mile
To wash another’s feet

Who’ll pay their brother’s pending bail
Recalling not their past
The Truth will stand whilst liars fail
Through fire and stormy blast…

by Michael P. Johnson

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