Who Shall Compare To You

The scent of all the flowers
. cannot be compared
. to Your majesty
. and the springtime florals
. bloom in vain before
. Your glory;
The thunders can't reach
. Your greatness
. and a lion's roar is in vain
. compared to Your authority;
The Northern Wind blows weakly
. with Your weakest shout
. and the big waves are weak
. as with Your one command;
A lover's sweetest words
. are nothing to Your
. loving whisper
. and a poet's deepest metaphors
. are very rubbish to Your
. verily words;
A warrior's strength
. is low against the reach
. of Your hand
. and a knight's courage
. is lacking as with
. Your magnanimity;
A king's rule is in vain
. with Your mighty rule
. and an emperor's sovereignty
. is null
. in comparison to
. Your omnipotence;

For You, O Great I AM
. are the Father of Creation
. and You, Lord Almighty,
. have made them all!
Who shall compare to You
. and what else can be equal
. with You?

by Yehoshua Shim'onai

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