Paint Me A Picture...

Paint me a picture
make it anyway you desire
Don't worry about your design
there is no style required
Make it big and bright
stretching for miles on end
Have it reflect your feelings
or be a sketch of your friend
Draw what is in your heart
at this very instance
Don't be shy
go the distance
Be loud or soft
deep or shallow
Make it full of emotion
or completely hollow
Give it your all
just answer the call
give in to what you want
because long is the fall
If you want
to risk your eternal dwelling
To paint your picture
to what you think is selling
You are free to do it
...or you could say screw it!
Instead you have
every God given right
To restart your picture
with a bucket of white
Whitewashing away
all the messes that left it stained
Making a clean slate
in a way that can't be explained
You probably ask
how can this grace be given
Well my friend
just pray to be forgiven.

by Trevor Schulte

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Oppen's wording, imagery and structuring of his poems enforces a de-conventionalizing of perceptions. His motive throughout his work, the way he recombines subjects and objects to permeate a deeper, unpredictable and previously unapparent clarity, becomes vivid. Doren Robbins Read the entire essay, FACETS OF A LIMITED AND LIMITING CLARITY at Click under ESSAYS.