AS (20/04/1987 / )


When you believe not to have possibility anymore
I see endless roads
When you feel to have reached the end
I believe in the rebirth
When you think about not having time anymore
I believe in the eternity
When you think about not having beauty anymore
I am inebriated by your charm
When you think that everything is wrong
I believe in the justice
When you think to be bankrupt
I believe in the miracle
When you think about having twisted
I believe in the truth
When you don't believe in the friendship anymore
I am you near however
When you stop listening to the heart
I know that you will feel the music sweetest
When the blackest night will be lowered on you
I know that you will know how to see the brightest stars
When you will feel that the dream is by now reached the sunset
I believe in the dawn that will again illuminate him/it
When you think about not having strength anymore to fight
I see the final victory
When you will feel the nth tear bathe you the face
I see the sun that will dry her/it
When you think that happiness is only the night of December 32
I tell that tonight is that night

When I will feel that all the desires have disappeared
Then I will understand that the love, that true, has arrived.
And I will leave the earth in exchange for the sky
it is then I will have understood that earth is not to the center of the universe
As me do not are to the center of any world,
if not of mine
if not of myself
if not of my desires
Then an angel will look me and will acknowledge me
And I will smile at him and you/he/she will smile at me
And I will love him/it and you/he/she will love me.

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I've always been fascinated by these things too. The earth is full of talent of all sorts. Nice poem.
Everything with life or creature has unique characteristic inherent to it, it is a gift from the Creator! Thanks.
Creatures have something called instinct that could only come from creation. Going back to Noah's Ark before the waters came male and female of every living thing was saved. They lived together in harmony on the same boat. Love your poem.
'Who teaches the creatures- their beautiful skills' Rachel Ann Butler
beautiful poem...your thoughts are echoed perfectly: -)
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