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(who Teaches The Creatures)
AS (20/04/1987 / )

(who Teaches The Creatures)

Who teaches-
the song bird to sing
its chirping song
of wonderful things
who teaches-
the mighty lion to roar
its proud dominance
as it rests on all fours

Who teaches the creatures-
their special abilities

Who teaches-
the earth worm to crawl
on its slimy stomach
as it burrows through the soil
who teaches-
the peregrine falcon to dive
as fast as a hurricane wind
as it soars through the skies

Who teaches the creatures-
their amazing talents

Who teaches-
the blue whale to echo
its voice across the ocean
in its private orchestral show
who teaches-
the arctic tern to migrate
across the span of earth
and reach the Antarctic plate
(it's truly amazing don't you think)

Who teaches the creatures-
their beautiful skills-
who teaches the creatures-

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Comments (11)

I've always been fascinated by these things too. The earth is full of talent of all sorts. Nice poem.
Everything with life or creature has unique characteristic inherent to it, it is a gift from the Creator! Thanks.
Creatures have something called instinct that could only come from creation. Going back to Noah's Ark before the waters came male and female of every living thing was saved. They lived together in harmony on the same boat. Love your poem.
'Who teaches the creatures- their beautiful skills' Rachel Ann Butler
beautiful poem...your thoughts are echoed perfectly: -)
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