The Dogged Truth

Surely a dog is a man's best friend.
He doesn't mind going with you to places
where he's never been.
He smiles at every joke
and will not complain when you have a smoke.
He doesn't ask for money or expensive clothes,
or groan when you rub him with cold and dirty toes.
He is always willing to watch your favorite old film,
over and over, again and again.
He really likes your old beat up car,
and truly loves you, just as you are.
He won't get mad if you sleep in late,
nor ever mention how much you've drank or ate.
He's totally a pal, tried and true,
as long as you feed him he'll never turn on you.
Unlike a cat, a dog will not ignore,
and even likes to clean up the floor.
He's genuinely glad when you come back home,
no matter where you were, or how long you've been gone.
He will stand by you through thick and thin,
and never give you a frown, only a happy grin.
So surely, I swear, a dog is indeed a man's best friend,
from the very beginning right to the very end!

by Smoky Hoss

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