! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ***who Tolls The Bell***

time tolls wired moment
we need to remember name of God
He never says to split atom tolling hell
is fission only resource to enlighten home
to kill men and darkness yet onshore?

greater we go against nature’s gale
peeling its beauty to coffer’s gain
more we feel weakness in strength by death knell
mother when loses grace being deformed of face
as right foot in left shoe never walks the path.

bounty of beauty ruffles awful milling in sorrow
half miffed sky silhouettes by blinking of stars
do you know she wears a makeshift?
as she knows to hide her pain laying back
who shepherds us all with breath, home and cloth

time may come as her tear turns to storm
we may falter to see spring once more
clouds of greed slowly envelop vale of humanity
by name of civility we paint art of own destruction
a time yet to know what we did adding to her fall

by Dr subhendu kar

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