Abortion (Think It Twice)

Abortion (think it twice)

They never had a chance to meet you,
They never get to see your face,
They never know what could have been if you had a different fate.
They chose to end your life before it even begun.

Now she wishes she never done to tribe you,
If she could bring back the time
and change what they she have done.
What she would give to have you here,
To hold you in her arms and look into your eyes,
To tell you that she love you and sooth you when you cry.

But she was stupid and was selfish,
Let others get into her head,
She let everyone convince her that
the right thing was to have abortion.
Although she knew that, in her heart,
it wasn't what she really wanted.

But still they made the choice to end
your life before it started.
They hope that if you're out there,
You do not hate them for what they did,
And if they had the chance
to end their life so you could live.

But now you are on your mother
thoughts everyday for the rest of her life,
With each year that passes,
And you'd be getting older.
She will never forget the biggest
mistake she ever come to make,
Ending her baby’s life.

10 January 2008

by Mary Wismer

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