After Election Thoughts

history was made today-in every sense of the way.
they say he did not have the experience of his republican incumbent.
but! to the people a message he had sent.
that it was time for us to take a stand
and that he needs a helping hand.
so as americans we must all roll up our sleeves.
forget the discrimination-and forget the monetary greed.
if our country is to be all that it can-it does need a helping hand.
so let us give the support that president obama needs
for he has planted a seed.
this seed will continue to grow and for the world it will show.
all the possibilities-that it created for you and me.
whether we are white, yellow, -or black-we cannot give up the slack
so let us move forward with pride and determination
that we may save this great nation.

by louis rams

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john john john john john
Good poem
An amazing write- - - - - - -To see light in darkness is really wonderful discovery- - - in the midst of this wreckage of life they incurred, I practice being myself, and I have found parts of myself never dreamed of by me, ''
Adjustments and compromise is applicable to those who deny to stand and fight. Inspiring poem,
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