Who Wants To Get Married Online?

One good man
That's all I need
All I want
Someone to hold me tight
Someone to make love to
All night long
Till the light of the early morning dawn
Never alone again
If I can just find someone to answer this one question
Who wants to get married online?
E-mail me baby

Sweet sexy lady
The kind no man can resist
Just give me a chance and I promise
You won't regret it
So man of my dreams
What are you waiting for?
Come and get me
If you're everything that's on my list
Smart, handsome, and with plenty of hair for me to run my fingers through
Not too old and too young you gotta be
If you wanna get married online
Then contact me....ktmcphrsn@

Can't beat those measurements
I have everyhthing to please
I'll make the perfect wife
Nice but naughty
Tame but I'm wild
All the woman you could ever want and more
So damm good that you'll leave your current wife
Just so you can be the lucky one
To call yourself mine
So if you think you got what it takes...
If you wanna get married online then contact me tonight....

Tall or short?
Fat or skinny?
Who's it gonna be?
Who's gonna be the man brave enough?
To take that risk and gamble it all
For a chance at a real true love
With the world's most perfect heart
Made in Heaven
Sent to earth to find her soulmate
Asking one
Asking all
Searching for the one

Who wants to get married online?
If it's you
Then lover you know to do
Message me right away


© 2006 RAMONA THOMPSON (All rights reserved)

by Ramona Thompson

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