Who Will?

Poem By Aqua Flower

Who will give me good night kisses
now that we are through
Who will text me in the night
now that there is no more you
Who will greet me to my day
with a text and a picture too
Who will fill my empty heart
now that there is no more you

copyright @ Aqua Flower

Comments about Who Will?

What a lovely poem of love and loss. A great write that most of us could relate to. Very touching.
Missing a loved one, feeling it and expressing the feelings, not so easy, but Aqua Flower manages it like a flower.
Hi Flower, My poem- A Fallen Tree asks some of the same question. I wrote it after my mother died in her honor so this poem takes me a long way back and it resonates with a very challenging period of my life... Things do get better not because of time but because we choose to do better. Blessings!
Leaping in the lane of Lonliness and loss with quintessential questions that stings and yet soothes the heart. Well done my friend!
Love and kisses will turn up when most unexpected, and that is when they are the sweetest! Wonderful emotion full of heart! !

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4,4 out of 5
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