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Who Will

Who will want to keep you when you get old
When your soul has been bought and sold
That, I would really would like to know.

Who will want you in your twilight
When you are full of vengeance and false pride
Or would anyone, want you at their side.

Who will want to walk with you done the street
When you have no one new for you to meet
Or will people shun you, that you do greet.

Who will want to be there to hold your hand
When you get old and alone and you cannot stand
And then of your past deeds, you will finally understand.

Who will be with you in this journey of life
When you come across darkness and event light
Will you be alone, and emptiness is in your sight.

Who will forget where you have been
When your heart is still full of evil and sin
Will you remember in life, there is only but one end.

Who for you will cry and weep for you a tear
When you are no longer here
Will they even care, for your sorrows to hear.

Who will even think about you when you are gone
When there life is still moving on
Do you wonder, if you will be remembered as just a pawn.

Who will always think and worry about you
When you live your life and the things you do
So I wonder for you, if there will ever be a who.

Randy Lee McClave

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