(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Who Will Claim The Body?

You were orphaned at birth
Yet you have plenty of kin.
But you are all so distant
So you make a few good friends.

Life is really good
And it encourages you to live,
But who comes to the rescue
When the grand reaper says give.
Who Will Claim the Body?

You make a good living
Your life is filled with love.
You're happy and content
You know God is blessing from above.

But then tragedy strikes
You labor for your life,
And find some church friends, and family
Are like trees carrying the blight.
Who Will Claim the Body?

You wrestle within yourself
Good Lord, this is tight.
But isn't there anyone left to respect
That we're all on the edge of night.

Who will stand when you are sick?
Who will pray and hold your hand?
Who will comfort those left behind?
Who will carry your last command?
Who Will Claim the Body?

Though life is so beautiful
Yet, so tedious on every hand.
We all need someone loving enough
To arise where we would stand.

We're all suppose to feel
The love of God as one.
But many really never show up
Until the soul is gone.
Who Will Claim the Body?

by Cecelia Weir

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