Who Will Save Me

I was a prince but now a slave.
I was sold to the slave master by my father's chief
i know that i wont have been sold if i wasnot selfish.
I wish i could change the way i behave then but it was just a wish.
I looked lean and lank
after spending 5month in a cave where i was given maize and water once in a day.
I was sailed to England
where i was resold to a farmer
who used me as a labourer on his land.
Early in the morning i would be given a cup of water and a crust of bread
before they lock my mouth and drag me to the farm.
Anytime i stop working due to fatique, thirst or hunger
i will be punched and whiped mercilessly
i will be drag into the dungeon where i will live for ten days without food and water
i do shout and weep during this period but nobody can hear my hunble cry.
I keep on hanging to the fact that i must live so that i can see my home but who will save me and when will i be free

by Mustapha Muinah

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