PL (22nd may1991-i wish it to be 22nd may of some year / indore)

Who Will Save Ur Soul? ? ?

I am my friend, my sole companion
Only I appreciate my work when done
I cry with me in sorrows and laugh with me in joys
If left alone in the world......i with myself will enjoy

Its me who cherishes my dream and my aim
Its me who my virtues proclaim
Its me with myself in dark and same me in light
Its me sleepin with myself hand in hand in the night

When i'm left in dark with the whole world seclude
I steer myself to inspiration and all my evils preclude
My own company do I prefer
My own soul do i decipher

The world defines our friendship as insane
And declines of it, tat it shant be maintained
They're living a lie, will still deny
Wont ever change, no matter how much i cry

The truth is know to those who have been alone
When at times in solitude they heard their soul moan
Its moaning still now in everyone's self sprouts
Just they are deafened by the crazy world's shouts

There aint a friend like ur soul, tis the secret of life
In pursuit of it in course of time
U'll face the pangs of truth and as the secret lies
U'll be left alone to notice ur poor soul's cries

And that the only friend without any greed
Is one within you if you pay heed
Will never abandon you in toughest of times
Seeking ur company is his effort prime

A friend who is your shadow and who is your soul
will lead every step to reach to your goal
I found a friend within me what about u?
search ur depths in solitude............
is all you have to do........


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