Who Will Soothe My Pain

From the soft glow of a candle, in the
middle of the night;
a little girl who could not sleep,
begins to ponder and write.

So many thoughts and questions, striking
as lightning in her mind;
a thunderstorm that builds then peaks,
this is how she felt inside.

She held her feelings in, fearful of
letting them out;
and now she sheds one silent tear,
that upon the paper does shout.

Secrets of her past, kept hidden
within for years;
now escapes by way of pen, as she
holds back a river of tears.

Her cautiously begins to write, and her
soul is stirred within;
as her mind recalls the actions, of the
one she can't seem to forgive.

Her pen flows almost effortlessly,
with memories of her shamefull past;
that are revealed upon the paper,
as she lets go of them all at last.

Childhood memories are hidden no more,
as she vents her anger with pen;
and as the tears flow from her eyes
she wonders, 'Will my pain ever end'?

She relives the night that it all began,
the abuse she was forced to endure;
by the hands of the one whom she loved so
much, yet caused her to feel insecure.

They came into her bedroom, to tuck her
in she thought;
unaware that she was only a part,
of their wicked, perverted plot.

Their touches they claimed were those of
love, but this child did not enjoy;
being used for their own devious
pleasures, abusing this little girl

And when at last they were finished,
they turned off her lights as they left;
her innocense they had stolen, her heart
had been pierced by this theft.

For many years this continued,
she lost track of the years that went by;
yet hidden away within her heart,
were the memories of their actions and

She feared that she might betray them,
if she uttered a single word;
of what went on every night in her room,
that tainted forever her world.

At last she finished writing, of the
secrets she managed to keep;
then she crumbles up the paper, terrified
that someone might see.

With a tear in her eye she climbs into
bed, where ironically it began;
where a trusting, little girl, was
defenseless against roaming hands.

Many years have went by since they've
showed her their love, for she is a child
no more; and she wonders as she drifts off
to sleep, 'Did I secure the locks on my

by Ruth warren

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Comments (2)

I can feel your pain from your poems. I love your way of writing. You write like I do, from very painful memories. Writing has helped me so much to deal with my ugly past. Warmest Regards, Donna
You write it as if from personal experience. That is what makes this poem one of a kind! Thank you for touching my heart with this poem. Love, Cecilie