(*) Homeless Love

Thirst is never quenched,
by distant vision of the water,
It burns like a desire,
Consumed, and contracted,
With blazing of time,
You may trim the clay of hopes,
from outcast of ambitions,
and days to return empty handed and worn.,
making fallen leafs your,
Only ornament,
Fate is. a street boy,
crying over broken toy,
Your silence,
meant for confession,
unwanted sins,
dragging weary feet,
on bend of street,
Just with homeless and,
wayward love.

by Rafique Farooqi

Comments (2)

I can feel your pain from your poems. I love your way of writing. You write like I do, from very painful memories. Writing has helped me so much to deal with my ugly past. Warmest Regards, Donna
You write it as if from personal experience. That is what makes this poem one of a kind! Thank you for touching my heart with this poem. Love, Cecilie