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Who Will Stand?
NL (2006 / )

Who Will Stand?

Poem By Noemi Lee

How do you-
is there even
a way
to determine
whether or not
a man understands the gravity of his station as a father?

I am not sure.

Of course,
I can surmise
that a man who understands the gravity
digs his feet in, and stays-
come what may.

And I can surmise
that a man who doesnt understand
his importance
runs away.

But where do you put the ones
who slink away...
solely because they do
understand the importance
and the gravity of being a father,
yet refuse to rise to the challenge?

Are they men at all?

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Comments (2)

Brilliant write, Noemi... I love the way the poem developed and you stuck the ending! ! Brian
This really grabbed me Noemi. So tightly structured and a theme that refuses to go over the top. Written from a woman's view I feel that you suceed in portraying a universal issue. Yes, there will be those who will find much to empathise in this, but I feel that that is not your intent. A very impressive read my friend.