*** Who Will Win

Who will win
If I give in
To sin

Not I
I would reply
In a reflective sigh

Not you
A love not true
Without a tactful rue

Who will succeed
Watching life bleed
Transfusion our hearty need

Not I
Watching a lonesome dove cry
With broken wings they fly

Who will lose
Drowning in fermented booze
No ability to chose

Not you
The passion never grew
You became the one I never knew

Who will survive
When sugar coated lies arrive
With two dying heart to revive

Not I
My luck has gone awry
And love has turned a blind eye

Not you
You bit off more than you could chew
No need for judicial review

In the blink of an eye
Our fruitless lives flew by
Caught in the jet stream with no air supply

by Alfred Ramos

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