Who Would I Convince?

What are you doing?

'I've awakened this morning,
Deciding I would get serious.'

Serious about what?

'My creative abilities.
And expand upon my capabilities.'

I thought you were applying that?
Haven't you been serious?

I was just testing a few ideas.
A few concepts.
I am ready to begin to unleash my talents.'

So what is that you are doing?

'I've begun to scratch the surface!
How else should I start.
How else should I begin?
I am removing the dust from it now.'

What about the people?

'What people?
What about them?

The people who believe,
They've 'already' been exposed to your 'gifts'...
Or whatever they are called.

'My gifts?
I haven't unwrapped them yet!
Who has been spreading these rumors?
Folks aint got nothing else to do but lie?
They believe my rehearsals,
Have been the real deal!
Hopefully I will be forgiven,
When I reveal the actual product!
And I've got several to launch.

I forgot!
People will accept 'anything' remotely expressing 'talent',
As the real deal.
I have to remind myself about that.
Don't you say a word to anyone about this.
You hear me? '

Even if I did...
Who would I convince?
There are some people who actually believe,
They've been exposed to your greatest work.

I know.
I know!
Stop it,
My stomach hurts.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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