AR (july 9,1994 / tx)

Who Would Want Us?

in times, where our country had been raped, beat, exploited and then left to fend for ourselves by such a man, who would want us?
snared and disrupted with violence by our economic status
ignorance pollutes our waters and streams, poisoning our people
in times of desperation and darkness; with crimes our daily justice, who would want us?
but in walks a man irradiating such love and kindness
luminating every nook and cranny; filling our un nourished bodies with hope
feeding our hungry minds with knowledge and wisdom; filtering our water from an indirect source
swelling our hearts to their peak, with love, so violence is not needed
obama, he is the answer to our prayers, so that they may not be in vain

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We should be our own answers performing little miracles and in the end, with all the individual miracles added up, we will have made a true one together.
This is a wonderful piece of work you have written, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Scott