Who You Are

I stand still in the vast darkness
Where nothingness exists
No other feeling surrounds it except sadness
Yet my shattered soul still resists

My cries and yells are futile
For no one could ever hear my call
Even so, I try and convince myself to smile
It feels like I'm falling a bottomless fall

'Who am I? What's my purpose? ',
I said as I daze upon nothingness
As no one replied, my eyes start to close
I thought that my life could've meant less

The void in my heart slowly expands
As nothing but grief overcomes it
My memories seem to vanish like written words on sands
You can call me something like a git

At a far distance, a ray of light appears
The force around me seems to push me towards the light
I kept floating towards it which felt like years
At last, as the light is very near, I reach out to it with all my might

Then suddenly, everything turned bright
It became a nothingness of pure white
I calmly breathe as I gaze upon this sight
I can't deny that everything here's just right

Then I see bursts of plasma
I hear distant but loud voices
Then these bursts turned to a series of diorama
A diorama of memories; my consequences

To the things I've chosen
I understand now; this was my life
I stood up for myself and never listened
And the fruits of my acts were full of strife

I was being ridiculous
Neglecting the people who actually cared
I acted utterly ludicrous
Now I wish my life was spared

So I could have the chance to regret
Have the chance to apologize
But these are the things I can't reset
I saw that I was proud and would always criticize

'Hah. After all this time. So that's who I am',
I said, loud enough to surround the bright, empty place
'There's nothing I can do now. I don't give a damn',
I said, as I put both my hands on my face

I uncovered my face and saw the bursts fade
Then I longed to go back to the dark nothingness
Yet my mind can't forget the choices I made
My life could've really meant less

'That's not the way to change yourself',
Said a strong but serene voice
'I showed you your memories of your old self,
So you could atone and make a choice'

'You're here to realize your mistakes,
Not to sulk and accept your fate'
'Even so, it is you alone who makes
Now you must go forward and create'

Now, the convicting voice was gone
I seem to understand what He meant
Something must be done
I mustn't go anymore to where I've went

It's not too late to change
I can still go back and set a new pace
I've broken free from these chains
I realized life isn't a race

'So this is my purpose',
I said, as the empty place started to form
'Life is simply just a thorny rose',
I said, as I head on and faced the storm.

by Bless Mycho Jamil

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It's not too late to change I can still go back and set a new pace I've broken free from these chains I realized life isn't a race I loved these beautiful lines. Thanks for sharing the poem.10 for it. Subhas