Who You Are!

I'm ecstatic,
transcend of
earthly Me
longing for You
in a magical euphoria.

Never tried
when started
never asked why
feel your breath
in every deeper pain
I have.

Your color
like magnificent rainbow
in the fluid oozing out
of every wound.

I become archaic.

In birds flutter
in the frogs croak
and in the
horror of the storm
I feel your presence.

In the blooming of rose
in my garden
I feel your fragrance
in the humming of bees
as if you are singing.

In every peak of
orgasm of life
I feel You.

Who you are.....!


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Comments (10)

Really this poem was nicely written.....Thank you sir.......
Excellent ode of life! 10+for sure............! ! ! ! ! ! ++++! ! ! !
In the horror of the storm I feel your presence. What an absolutely brilliant line! And so many others! A beautifully passionate ode to love.
ecstatic and archaic....... lovely words, imagination, very poetic the orgasm of life. liked it very much dear poet. tony
really orgasmic poetry metaphorically exstatix great poetry friend no wonder he composed his for u read my Moms Smiles will u too
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