Who You Knew

'How come you did not tell us,
Many years ago...
Who you knew and what you know? '

I did repeatedly.
And also shared with you,
Heights together we could climb to go...
Where you would discover incredible views.

'But we thought you to be a dreamer.
With wishes to have us believe,
There were no limits to achieve the impossible.
And we thought it best from you to leave.'

Nothing has changed about my beliefs of that.
Accepting limits to restrict are just mind traps.
But I had already succeeded,
In accomplishing those beliefs to make them facts.
However...my efforts to endeavor,
Have set sights on higher horizons...
With a focus that remains unchanged to look back.

'What now about us?
We have come to realize it is you we can trust.'

You've already taught me to believe,
There is no 'we' in 'us' to think I'd be crushed.
And those times with you I viewed as us,
Are no longer in my mind to have left them behind.
With no need I will find today to discuss this.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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