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Who You Really Are
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Who You Really Are

It took sometime for me to see the person you really are.
My heart clouded my mind for so long that I didnt realize the pain and the embarressment you caused me.
You never cared for me the way I cared for you.
You never opened your heart to me and you never believed I was the one.
You walked all over me, but I was just too blind to see it.

I thought you would haunt me forever, but I can finally see clearly.
Your not the man I thought you were, your not even a nice person.
One day your going to look back and think of me and I pray you will feel and ounce of regret for the things you did to me.
But maybe you never will because thats how cold of a person you truly are.

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Sounds like some one really hurt you, and its still hard for you? poems are a good way to get it all out,