Your nothing but a lost soul
a shadow with no depth
falling asleep on mirrors
lying on yourself

your walking all alone
down a hectic road
only taking concern with flesh
realizing there is little realness left

Nobody can talk you into life
when death calls eternity wife
you find tranquility in the darkness
So nobody can talk you into the light

tried to surround yourself with holy folk
Lord knows that was a joke
Your still in debt with Jesus
Lucifer is offering to loan redemption for your soul

you love steak
your throats a smokehouse
your only similarity to others:
your a carnivorous smoking brotha

if a cat chokes on a mouse
who killed who?
you love to chase pussycat
that could kill you

HIV causes alot of us to D-I-E
still you choose not to wrap it up
Took a test last week, it burns when you pee
now whos laughing huh?

It seems you'll never learn the lesson
or determine the subject I'm stressing
so quit guessing, and just ask yourself
Who are you?

by Byron Cornell Ford II

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